Get peace of mind with our Refund Guarantee

If your travel provider has cancelled your trip, you can return your currency for the same rate as when ordered, within 30 days of your purchase*. For just £3 our Refund Guarantee gives you peace of mind, so all you have to do is look forward to your trip. *Terms and conditions apply.

How to redeem your Refund Guarantee

Scanned copies or photographs of the documents are acceptable, as long as they are of sufficient quality for all relevant details to be viewed.  

Email your documents to [email protected]; or post your documents to: eurochange Ltd, Customer Services Department, Essex House, Meadway Corporate Centre, Rutherford Close, Stevenage SG1 2EF

Frequently asked questions

Is the Refund Guarantee the same as a buyback?

Refund Guarantee is different to a buyback. If your trip has been cancelled by your travel provider, when you purchase the refund guarantee you can return your currency for the same rate as when ordered, within 30 days of your purchase. Buybacks are when you have been on holiday and returned with some foreign cash left over, which we’ll buy from you at that day’s rate.

Why do I need to submit receipts to claim back the difference? Why can’t the whole transaction be done in store?

A full refund can’t be offered in branch as they are only set up to conduct currency sales and buybacks.  The customer services team are required to verify the claim’s authenticity before processing the refund.

Is there a cost for the Refund Guarantee?

There is a fee of £3 which is paid at the time of your original purchase.

Can I add the Refund Guarantee after I have made my currency purchase?

Unfortunately, not. The Refund Guarantee must be bought at the same time as purchasing your currency.

Can I use my Refund Guarantee if I am unable to travel due to sickness?

The Refund Guarantee only applies if your travel provider has cancelled your trip.

Terms and conditions apply

  1. Refunds apply to the ABTA Travel Money product if a Refund Guarantee was purchased when the travel money was ordered and applies to banknotes only (not coins).
  2. Refunds must be claimed within 30 days of the purchase date.
  3. When requesting a refund customers must present the original purchase receipt including confirmation of the payment for the Refund Guarantee and the buyback receipt issued by a eurochange branch or provide scanned or photographed copies showing relevant details clearly.
  4. Evidence of a cancelled travel arrangement will be required to obtain a refund.
  5. Refunds exclude any card provider charges or other charges that a purchaser may have incurred at the time of purchase.
  6. Refunds exclude all delivery fees relating to the purchase of foreign currency.
  7. Refunds will be made at the same exchange rate as given at the time of purchase.
  8. A refund will only be given for the total amount of currency purchased. Refunds will not be issued for part of an order.
  9. A full refund will only be given where a trip has been cancelled due to the following circumstances: tour operator insolvency, advisory notice not to travel from the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, industrial strike action, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions preventing travel, a health alert in the destination, other reasons at the discretion of ABTA Travel Money.
  10. ABTA Travel Money reserves the right to refuse any refund where it is believed that these terms and conditions have not been met or where it is thought that the transaction is fraudulent.
  11. Refunds are only obtainable by the person who made the original purchase.
  12. ABTA Travel Money reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the refund offer at any time without notice.
  13. The decision of ABTA Travel Money regarding any matter relating to the refund offer is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. The refund offer does not affect your statutory rights.